1Tanis, Nicholas and Christine2017
2Louie, Jason and Shea2017
3Galindo, Donna2017
4Bansemer, John and Ellen2017
5Yorzinski/Lin, David/Xiu Fen2017
6Doyle, Kevin and Monica2017
7Geiger, Louis2017
8Kondratyuk, Ruslan and Hana Rose2017
9Ulep, Craig and Sarah2017
10Anderson, Marc2017
11Murkute/Harankhedkar, Ambareesh/Meenal2016
12Law, Ryan and Allison2017
13Feldman, Raymond2017
14Maycock, Michael and Sara2017
15Phillips, Dustin and Regina2017
16Zaccheo, Thomas and Lauren2016
17Procida, Brent and SherriPending
18Clark, Kelly2017
19Curry, Nickolas and Alexis2017
20McCallister, Shane and Michele2016
21Cimo, Nathanael and Frances2017
22Fletcher, William and Kristin2017
23Osman, Richard and Kelly2017
24Fenster/Faulkner, Ray/Claire2017
25York, Kerry2017
26Flaherty, Kevin2017
27Roeling, Ryan and Julia2017
28Cottle, Jeremiah and Denise2017
29Brennan, Michael and Karen2017
30Fournier, Kevin and ChristyPending
31Edwards, James and Jennifer2017
32Lenhart, Christopher and Theresa2017
33Boyd, Christopher and Miranda2017
34Waters, Doug and PamPending
35Shoemaker/Timme, Zachary/Kaitlyn2017
36Montgomery, Dieter and Tierra2017
37Bossier, Malcolm and Marianne2017